AeVee Laboratories provides electronic circuit design and software services for products and sub-assemblies. We have several areas of particular expertise, as well as a broad range of knowledge built on solid engineering fundamentals.  From simple microcontroller based designs through high performance multi-processor systems with custom FPGAs, we offer you good value and reliable results.


AeVee understands that a well understood process benefits everyone, from design through production. Customers understand what they are paying for and what they can expect. This helps coordinate all aspects of a product development cycle and helps assure management that resources are used wisely. AeVee has developed a process through years of experience meeting deadlines within budgetary constraints, while still meeting product performance objectives.

Project Definition

Defining the project is often the most important phase of product development. If you come to us with a well defined project that simply needs to be implemented we can take it from there. If you come to us with a problem, we can work with you to develop a solution and a well defined project. The final step in project definition is a set of test procedures to be run to prove that the product, sub-assembly, or software meets its requirements.

Scheduling and Project Management

A well defined project can be scheduled, areas of risk can be identified and tradeoffs can be assessed. We work with customers to understand their needs and make sure that the planned sequence and duration of work to be done is clear. We track progress and provide updates so that customers can know the state of the work at any time. Issues can be addressed in a timely manner to ensure that deadlines are met.

Development Procedures

A standard set of development procedures build confidence that projects can be scheduled and reliable products can result. Most projects can be broken down into similar step-by-step procedures. Individual projects may have more emphasis on some steps and less on others, but a solid template with which to work promotes a solid process. AeVee Labs has refined a set of flexible, time tested procedures that work very well.


It is very important to have a written record that explains what was done so that modifications and updates can be easily and reliably made should they become necessary. It is also important not to spend valuable engineering time creating unnecessary paper. We have a set of documents that we have found to be both efficient and effective. We can also easily modify our process to work with your documentation requirements.

First Step:

Your first step is to contact us with information regarding your needs. Please give us as much information as you can. We will then analyze the data and let you know the steps that will need to be taken to satisfy your needs.