At AeVee Labs, Customer satisfactions is our highest priority. Repeat customers form the core of any service business and we strive to deliver reliable products on time. We consistently meet our goals, even when we are brought a project that is in trouble. Read highlights of a few of the projects we have done for our customers.

bricasti-logoAeVee Labs has been working with Bricasti Designs on their entire product line since the company was founded. Bricasti Designs manufactures the M7 Reverb, which utilizes a stunning array of the latest DSP processors to provide a platform for the long overdue next step in reverb processing algorithms.  A separate fully differential analog section provides the finest analog specifications of any product of it’s kind.

m7_3m10AeVee Laboratories designed both the digital section, with 7 independent DSP/SDRAM sections and a custom audio processing FPGA, as well as the State of the Art analog circuitry that makes the M7 the finest reverb on the market today, used by top studios around the world.



m1Bricasti Designs also manufactures the M1 DAC.  A state of the Art Audio D/A converter that a Stereophile Magazine reviewer calls “The Best Digital Playback I have ever heard”




The Bricasti M28 monoblock amplifier is a refined state-of-the art powerhouse.


 “AeVee Laboratories delivers working designs on time that exceed our very high expectations.  They have consistently provided timely support throughout our production cycle. “

– Brian Zolner, President, Bricasti Designs.


defib-logoDefibtech manufactures Automated External Defibrillators.  These award-winning AEDs are used to administer an electric shock to a person who is having a cardiac arrest and are designed to allow non-medical personnel to save lives.  AeVee Laboroatories  managed a team of defibtech software engineers through a design and FDA approved documentation process for a groundbreaking new AED.  AeVee Labs also provided DSP and software support and designed graphical user interface hardware.


rmu-1000Defibtech also manufactures an Automated Chest Compression Device. AeVee Labs provided system engineering and management, as well as hardware and software expertise for precise motor control of this life saving product.



defib_aed“AeVee Laboratories has supported Defibtech  in developing our medical device for over 10 years.  AeVee Labs provides thoughtful and reliable engineering services and consistently produces excellent work.  I highly value their input on technical, structural, and managerial matters.”

– Giovanni Meier, VP Engineering,
Defibtech LLC


izotopelogoiZotope develops advanced audio processing software.  When they saw a market for reliable, high-performance hardware running their algorithms they contacted AeVee Labs and the result was the award winning ANR-B automatic noise reduction system.  This system features multiple floating point DSPs, AES/EBU digital I/O, AES11 clocking, and fully balanced state of the art analog audio.


“AeVee Labs helped us develop and release our first professional audio hardware product. Their engineering and support were consistently excellent, from initial concept discussions to design/implementation to post-release maintenance. I highly recommend them.”

– Jeremy Todd, CTO, iZotope, Inc.

autotether-logoAUTOTETHER™ is a revolutionary new wireless lanyard that connects directly to the engine kill switch to protect the boat operator and up to 3 passengers while allowing unrestricted movement about the boat.  This is a high volume consumer design.  AeVee Laboratories designed the rock-solid 2.4GHz wireless hardware and PCB antenna to operate in a rugged environment.  AeVee also designed and coded a software algrorithm that achieves high reliability while using very low power for long battery life.



AUTOTETHER™ received the Connecticut Technology Council 2011 Innovation Pipeline Award as the most promising new technology product of the year.