The basis of expertise at AeVee Labs is a solid foundation of engineering principles. Circuits always behave predictably if you apply the laws of physics. Software and digital hardware can be understood with logic and timing analysis. We have experience applying these principles in the areas described here as well as many others.

Digital Signal Processing

sharcDSPs are the backbone of digital audio, communications and motor control. We have used fixed and floating point DSPs from Analog Devices, TI, Motorola and FPGAs from Xilinx to solve problems in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and industrial applications. We understand how to apply the right amount of math for the project and how to get the most out of any chosen architecture. We do this without forgetting that like all software, DSP code needs to be readable, testable, reliable, and maintainable.


kinetisk40Simple microcontrollers are ubiquitous in products that need cost effective ways of performing innovative applications, often under battery power. There are many options available, from ARM M3/M4 cores with real time peripherals (including wireless and usb) to 8 pin tiny processors using extremely low power. We can help you pick the right micro for your job and design the cost effective PC board to make it a success. We can then use the resources it offers to write efficient, maintainable software.

Embedded Software


flowHigh quality software is the key to making any system run reliably and smoothly. It must be designed to be testable and maintainable to allow for added functionality throughout a product’s life. It should be portable and modular so that a change of hardware can be handled easily and so that a successful design can be used as the basis for new, more advanced designs. Software must also be written with awareness of real-time constraints. We have developed methods and procedures to ensure that all of these goals are met. We can help you choose an implement the proper level of complexity from embedded Linux to a Real-Time Operating System to a simple bare metal background loop.


fpgaField Programmable Gate Arrays are now powerful enough to handle many tasks in a very small space and cheap enough to use in volume production. We have been designing with Xilinx chips since their inception in the late 1980s. We know how to use their tools to get the most out of the architecture and produce reliable, flexible designs. We are also familiar with architectures from all major FPGA manufacturers and can help you choose the right part for you. We can design an FPGA to your specification for a board that you designed or incorporate it into a board we design for you.

Digital Audio

digitalaudioThe staff at AeVee has experience back to the dawn of the CD era. We have used digital signal processors for audio coding from Dolby to G.728, audio processing from bass management to equalization. We understand how to get the most out of available dynamic range through bit management and dithering. We know the effects of jitter on digital conversion and transmission as well as the most effective solutions.

Analog Audio

analogaudioAeVee Labs has extensive expertise in all aspects of analog audio including D/A conversion, A/D conversion, line-level and power amplification. We understand what it takes to deliver products with the highest quality possible within any budget.


tuxWe have built and integrated linux kernels running on custom board (multicore imx6) and off the shelf boards (beaglebone).   Yocto and other build methodologies, custom drivers for specialty audio and our own custom hardware interfaces.  We can untangle the options and get a lean build with U-Boot modifications for instant on applications.


There are many options for wireless communications:  Wifi, Bluetooth, IR, Zigbee and more. We can help you choose the one that best fits the needs of your application, be it high transmission speed, low cost, or quickest time to market.  We have worked with Wifi and Bluetooth interfaces with simple embedded micros (IOT) and embedded linux.

High Power Audio

m28High power amplifiers present additional problems to the product designers. Thermal Management, circuit protections, signal integrity and safety concerns are all much more difficult. We have designed amplifiers capable of supplying 2400 watts of power into 1 ohm to drive the most difficult speakers with low distortion.


rfiToday’s high speed electronics can cause severe problems with radiated and conducted emissions. Agency (FCC, CE, etc.) requirements keep getting more strict. System and board design must be done with this in mind to ensure that product introductions are not delayed as the result of inadequate upfront preparation. We can help during the initial development phase to understand current flows and radiation patterns to ensure that products are in compliance from the start. If you are having problems with an existing design we can help you understand how to identify and reduce the sources of your emissions as well as how to best contain them through proper grounding and shielding.

User Interface

ui_iconOperation of a product should be obvious whenever possible and logical enough to be memorable after one use. A good user-interface, programmed well, allows your customer to get the most our of your product. A badly conceive U/I makes it something your customer dreads having to use. At AeVee Labs we have experience making the choices to find the right types and arrangements of buttons, indicators and displays to make complex products a pleasure to use. We can help you with design your user-interface from the start, or help you get the most out of what you have.

Motor Control

bldcWe have helped our customers with precision driving of BLDC motors, both with custom drive algorithms and Power FET bridge design.  This includes 100 Watt motors for battery powered medical device and industrial machines at 1000 Watts.

Analog Devices Alliance

AeVee Laboratories is a partner in the Analog Devices Alliance program, with direct access to the latest products and technical support across their product line.  We have extensive experience with Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin DSPs as well as ADI and Linear Tech converters, amplifiers, power supply and special function products.