Analog Devices Alliance

AeVee Laboratories is a partner in the Analog Devices Alliance program, with direct access to the latest products and technical support across their product line.  We have extensive experience with Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin DSPs as well as ADI and Linear Tech converters, amplifiers, power supply and special function products.


sharcWe have been working with SHARC processors from the very first commercially available SHARC, the ADSP-21062, in 1995 to  the 5th generation multi-core SHARCS available today. Highlights include:

  • Dual 21489 audio processors providing convolution processing for Impulse Responses up to 10sec
  • Dual 21489 Guitar Pedal with advanced Amplifier Modeling and multichannel output.
  • Dual 21369 Rack Mount Audio Processor board used in award winning professional audio noise reduction system
  • Quad 21065 audio processor for home theater. The first product with DTS96kHz and THX Ultra2
  • Six 21062 Sharcs (on an ISA card) with full speed link ports in a videoconferencing system in 1995

blackfinThe Blackfin combines microcontroller functionality with DSP horsepower in a low power design. AeVee Labs has used the blackfin in several innovative designs. Highlights include:

  • BLACKfin Farm (6 dual-core BF561s and 1 BF532) for a computation-heavy reverb algorithm.
  • BF532 for battery powered medical device.
  • BF534 for low-power/high mips audio processing in a high temperature / high vibration environment.

dspacademicOur lead DSP engineer earned a graduate degree in DSP from Yale University following studies with Arye Nehorai, Roman Kuc, and Robert Apfel. Our hardware and software team has designed many high speed digital and precision analog boards integrating Analog Devices DSPs with FPGAs, microcontrollers, and advanced analog interfaces. We have experience with Filter Design (IIR, FIR, low-noise, low delay), audio processing algorithms, speech and audio codecs, industrial controls, and much more.

Custom Design and Consulting Services

AeVee Laboratories can assist you with all phases of your DSP product design.  We are especially adept at high level system design to determine the right DSP and support circuitry for your product that balances system performance requirements, with development cost and production cost.


We can design a fully custom board for you that fits your specifications exactly to keep production cost at a minimum or use of our standard products as the basis for a product to keep Non-Recurring Engineering costs low.  AeVee labs has the experience and expertise to get you the design you need..


For clients with DSP software expertise, we can provide all of the support software that runs on the DSP and allow you to concentrate on core DSP competencies.  For example, an audio application board support software package would provide a pointer to an input buffer and an output buffer.  You would be responsible for processing data as needed and filling the output buffer within real-time constraints.  All other system software can be provided by AeVee Labs.


If you have a basic problem that needs a solution we can help you develop the DSP algorithm to get the job done.  If you have an algorithm designed that needs implementation on DSP hardware, we can provide the right level of optimization.  We can also design or implement digital filters to your specifications or update your product to replace analog filters with digital ones.